One of my favorite outfits because it’s basically fall in July… I’m alright with that!

@banessssa sooo excited this was a feature today. Miss you!!

… I love this picture with my handsome little guy.

Treated to a #leonasicecreamsandwich mmmmmm!! Peach snickerdoodle vanilla!!

In love with this book!!! #carnegielibrary

In the process of trying to attain some sanity before work, by reading the work of Elyn Saks; which, honestly, is somewhat ironic. Also, this is yet another book for me to devour from the wonderful #carnegielibrary <3

Glabb <3 @eornumxela

Someone wanted to add a little humor to another’s day, haha!

Think about it.

Grubbin’ Cambodican style <3 @eornumxela