Moon cake, finally trying it thanks to a recommendation from one of my conversation partners. Excited!!

Sooo, it’s becoming a Wednesday tradition @nammahgram #instagramlessshaneandfrancisco and Justine!!

"If it melted I’m calling the fucking cops." Shit’s getting real at Mad Mex.
@chuckleslovakia #checkdisbetchout ✌

Throwback to Friday night when I tried my first gobblerito with @nammahgram and my life changed forever. Margarita mayhem needs to become a thing ;)

Taco Wednesday with some beautiful people. Love my cohorts!!!

Thinking of you @mertylee_anne !! #foodcoma

First overnight…

Every outfit needs a little “pop.” 🎆

Is this a gift? Yes it is … for myself. I had hoped to find something to remind me to embrace life’s twists and turns but more importantly to be thankful for the opportunities I’m given. @kristenfaisant and my mom, thanks for always reminding me that it’s okay to treat yourself once in awhile and that I’m where I’m meant to be! Shout out to all of my others near and dear, you know who you are; thanks for believing in me even when I find it difficult to!! 💜